Spot illustrations commissioned to accompany a story about several fashion based startups and apps in the magazine, Women's Wear Daily. From top to bottom, the startups featured are as follows.

Nudest This company uses a proprietary algorithm to match customers' complexions and recommend lingerie, hosiery and shapewear brands. Koio Collective A startup aimed at creating the dream luxury leather sneaker, manufactured in the picturesque coastal village of Civitanova in Italy. Trove An app that aggregates outfit posts from top bloggers and lets users save or shop images. Anomalie A website which sells custom wedding dresses and allows the customer to have a lot of input throughout the design process. Slyce In the wild west of social media and sponsorships, this platform provides timely content to brands influencers on its app. Magpie This e-commerce technology company provides retailers with analytics on how consumers interact with their products outside of their e-commerce site.

Art Direction: Mallory Roynon