An illustration for Baffler magazine Issue 34, entitled The Snare of Preparation. This compelling manifesto, Abortive Reasoning is about " the messaging of pro-abortion advocates and what better and more effective ways the argument can be framed". My image was specifically a reaction to the following excerpt from the essay:

In the tacit social contract underwriting such displays, all other women\and especially, It seems, those who werenft traumatized - make lousy representations of the need for abortion rights. By this logic, whether you oppose abortion rights or support them, you are only granted entrance into the conversation if you can first claim to have had the experience - and even then, you can only speak if you echo a very particular narrative that involves your guilt at having had an abortion. In effect, the left has served to create its own version of personhood around abortion: the woman is a victim, no matter where you stand.

Art Direction: Lindsay Ballant.
Writers: Yasmin Nair & Eugenia Williamson